Case analysis of chap 9 case

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Case analysis of chap 9 case

Da Loc a coastal community located in Hao Loc District, Thanh-Hoa province, Vietnam suffers from exposure to frequent natural hazards, high poverty rates, land scarcity, agricultural dependence and significant low-lying populations.

Inthe government built a 5-kilometer sea dyke along the coast to protect Da Loc from typhoons and coastal flooding. Despite its significant cost, the sea dyke became severely degraded over the years. In SeptemberTyphoon Damrey swept through Southeast Asia destroying much of the coastal dyke and allowing seawater to sweep several kilometers inland.

After Typhoon Damrey passed, the people of Da Loc noticed that a meter section sheltered by mangroves was the only part of the dyke remaining.

Mangroves are a native tree species that grow in coastal zones of Vietnam, as well as other areas. They provide a variety of critical ecosystem services important to livelihoods: In spite of mangroves numerous ecosystem services, hundreds of hectares were cleared for coastal aquaculture, seagrasses for handicrafts and timber harvesting.

Green Teams worked on community environmental activities while the CMMB organized the mangrove nursery, planted and maintained the trees, and undertook a range of alternative livelihood activities such as producing honey and sustainably harvesting fish, crabs and mollusks.

As mangroves in Vietnam are state-owned resources, the villagers had to obtain legal rights from the government to manage the resource. In addition to adding storm protection, the project has helped to strengthen community participation, especially among women, and diversify livelihoods.

The project has enhanced honey production and greatly increased seafood yields; mollusk yields are five to 10 times greater than before and household income has improved. Villagers learned from the mistakes of previous projects, adopting technically enhanced mangrove planting and maintenance techniques that improved upon past failures.

Likewise, community participation and strong local leadership played a key role. The CMMB was a democratically elected board composed of diverse local stakeholders, which developed and clearly communicated its well-defined management plan.

Case analysis of chap 9 case

The project would not have been possible without local government support in granting communities the right to manage and access benefits from the state-owned mangroves. Finally, it is important to note the crucial role played by the NGO CARE in organizing and funding the project and providing critical support in capacity building and education.

The community plans to add an additional acres hectares of mangrove forest bywhich shows the success and community support of the project.


This case illustrates that mangrove restoration in Da Loc, Vietnam, is providing multiple benefits, from conserving natural coastal ecosystems that contribute to risk reduction to improving community empowerment and livelihood potential.

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