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Report writing about project almanac

Share Few countries have felt the deadly consequences of Islamist extremism more acutely than India. However, the Indian Muslim community has in large part refused to yield to the call of militancy. Such coexistence is not without its frictions: That conflict, in which the British cleaved the Indian Empire in two, killed nearly half a million people.

However, the Indian Muslim community has largely rejected broader attempts at radicalization and indoctrination and remains integrated into the fabric of Indian society.

Arguably Islamist terrorism in India has most impacted the state of Jammu and Kashmir, where a separatist movement, inspired by Sunni extremism and sustained by Pakistani support, has plagued the region for over two-and-a-half decades.

Level of Islamist Activity: Fatalities dropped to inbut have risen gradually since, to inin and in through early September of that year 4. They have also had to rethink their approach within a wider pan-Islamist ideological framework that dovetails more seamlessly into the psyche of extremist groups and the logic of the global jihad.

At the same time, LeT has extended its networks and attacks across the rest of India, crystallizing the strategy that Report writing about project almanac first articulated publicly on February 18,in an address at the Lahore Press Club: Our mujahideen would create three Pakistans in India.

The group manages at least 16 Islamic centers, secondary schools, 2, offices, and a vast network of madrassas religious seminariesorphanages, medical centers, and charities across Pakistan. Finances for the group—as for all Pakistan-backed Islamist terrorist groupings—are provided via tacit state support, including the transfer of large quantities of fake Indian currency that Indian intelligence sources contend, on the basis of interrogations of arrested terrorists and couriers, is printed at Pakistani Security Presses at the Malir Cantonment in Karachi and at Lahore, Quetta, and Peshawar.

In Augustthe Indian government announced that it intended to take up the issue of the importation of currency-standard ink and paper by Pakistan from the UK, Sweden, and Switzerland, with various international agencies, including Interpol.

These sources can range from external contributions from diaspora communities to international Islamist charities, including several prominent ones from Saudi Arabia. One injured civilian later died on July 16,raising the death toll to eight.

HuJI came into existence in and fought the Soviets in Afghanistan. After the Afghan war, HuJI focused much of its resources on the fighting in Kashmir while also dispatching cadres to fight in other Islamist campaigns in a number of other countries, including Bosnia, Myanmar, and Tajikistan.

HuJI was one of the organizations that sent hundreds of its mujahideen into Afghanistan after during the campaigns against the Northern Alliance and the U. However, the emergence and consolidation of more effective terrorist organizations has marginalized HuJI in Pakistan. Consequently, the group is now strongest in Bangladesh, where HuJI Bangladesh BD was established as a distinct organization with direct aid from Osama bin Laden in and now seeks to establish Islamic hukumat rule there.

Significantly, on August 16,the U.

report writing about project almanac

Early in its history, HM established contacts with Afghan mujahideen groups such as Hizb-e-Islami, which allegedly gave some of its cadres arms training. Syed Salahuddinwho also serves as the chairman of the United Jihad Council—a conglomerate of India-directed jihadi organizations supported by the Pakistani state and also headquartered at Muzzafarabad.

JeM is one of the most aggressive Pakistani groups operating in India. JeM has been very active in recent times and was involved in two of the deadliest attacks in India in All six attackers were also killed. The militants killed 18 soldiers and injured Two of the injured soldiers died subsequently, raising the death toll to As the pressure of arrests built up on the top SIMI leadership, the most radical elements within the organization went on to form IM, with SIMI continuing as the feeder agency for IM recruits, engaging in continuing political mobilization and ideological subversion.

IM is the first India-based terrorist group to be designated as a foreign terrorist organization FTO by the United States, according to a September 19, notification. Sixty-two were reported to have left the country and travelled to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria to join IS forces fighting in those territories.

Nineteen of these sixty-two have been killed thus far. However, the activities of the Base Movement, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group, has drawn the attention of security agencies. According to reports, the Base Movement is suspected to have orchestrated five different bomb blasts in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka since April Islamism in Indian society occupies a continuous ideological spectrum.

Why did this block occur?

Indeed, many of the root ideologies that have fed terrorism in South Asia find their sources on Indian soil—though, as already stated, at least some of these sources have sought to distance themselves from the interpretations and activities of terrorists.

Four broad sources can be identified on the landscape of revivalist, fundamentalist, and extremist Islamism in South Asia: The Deobandi, the oldest of these four groups, dates back to and the establishment of the Dar-ul-Uloom seminary at Deoband, a small town in western Uttar Pradesh in India.

The impetus for these developments was the marginalization of the Muslim community in British India and concerns about the growth of Western and other non-Islamic influences.Islamist terrorism in India, overwhelmingly generated and supported by Pakistan, has long found its principal concentration in the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

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