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Visit Website Douglas was involved in every major issue to come before the nation during his years in Washington. As chairman of the House and Senate Committees on Territories, he developed a strong interest in the West. One of his first legislative proposals was a program that included territorial expansion, the construction of a Pacific railroad, a free land homestead policy, and the organization of territorial governments.

Stephen douglas

But Wells did not pretend to cover Douglas at the height of his duplicity, helping Atchison in his killing sprees in Kansas, to stop voting, and even speaking, against slavery, per laws Atchison passed with his paid thugs.

To believe, as Johannsen does, that Atchison wanted Missouri Compromise out of the way, because of a railroad, is hilarious. Atchison, according to Stephen douglas contemporaries, rushed out to Kansas immediately after passing the Kansas Act, then set about his reign of terror. Apparently this is complete news to Johannsen.

He should read Atchison speech bragging about it, and Charles Sumner's speech exposing Atchison, hour after hour, in his speech on Senate Stephen douglas.

Does Johannsen even know who Sumner was talking about -- by name -- and what he accused Atchison of? Atchison was protected by a guy named Stephen A Douglas, who defended him back in IL, and DOuglas made sure folks seeking help from the US government, because of Atchison's killing sprees, not only didn't get help, but were then sought by Atchison.

Those who turned to Davis and DOuglas for help because of Atchison, learned that way lay more danger, not less. Johannsen might want to look a tad more into who Atchison is, and what he did, and what he bragged of, and what others supporting him bragged of, at the time. This was not a secret, not only Charles Sumner spoke of it, but Douglas's former friends were aghast, like John M Palmer, who was no alarmist, but who tagged Douglas a traitor for his actions.

Those who knew what was going on, knew full well Douglas was playing a duplicitous game. Without Douglas carrying water for Atchison and Davis -- both -- hard telling if Atchison even goes to Kansas. Douglas never said one word against Atchison the rest of his life, in fact he said Atchison was the "most patriotic and peaceful man I have ever met".

Johannsen might want to read contemporaries of Douglas, who knew him very well, like Palmer, who met Douglas in Chicago not long before Douglas's death.

Ever the one to flip flop, Douglas told Palmer, according to Palmer's autobiography, that folks had him "all wrong" on LeCompton which Douglas first supported.

Douglas claimed, in the most bizarre claim of that century, that he was trying to set Davis up, in Kansas, so that Davis would "raise the standard of rebellion" in Kansas, and the "Union" would have demolished him in 30 days at the time.

Davis was "raising the standard of rebellion" anyway -- because Atchison practically took out billboard space bragging he was staring the Civil War then, boasting he rode under the red flag and the flag of the South "red" in color for the blood it would spill -- to spread slavery.

Stephen douglas

SPread slavery not just in Kansas, against the will of the citizens - but spread it all over the West, including California, which was already a free state.

Atchison was going to change that. But Atchison did not have enough men -- could not hire enough -- even though he sought Texas and South Carolina men. He promised them big money, but in the end, Atchison's pay to them was mostly letting them steal what they could from the citizens of Kansas who were against slavery.

Had Atchison had enough hired men, and John Brown not energized the white citizens to fight back, our history would likely be much different today.

Almost as different as Johannsen's version. Douglas must have thought Palmer was an idiot. So Johannsen better quit reading McPherson, and start reading history - and learn what actually happened.

That's a good place to start, for historians.Stephen A. Douglas was a 19th century U.S. senator known for the Freeport Doctrine and who ran for president against Abraham Lincoln. Born on April 23, , in Brandon, Vermont, Stephen A Born: Apr 23, View Stephen Douglas’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

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Find great deals on eBay for stephen douglas. Shop with confidence. Stephen A Douglas was the political heir to the great nationalist politicians who first became prominent during the War of He literally followed the footsteps of Clay and Webster.

Stephen A. Douglas