The history and success of the carnival corporation

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The history and success of the carnival corporation

Brian McCullough — January 4, This is the transcript of a podcast episode. To listen to the episode in its entirety, click here: When photography was developed in the 19th century, photographic commerce was mostly about selling people portraits of themselves or their loved ones—at least, initially.

What really kicked off an industry for photographs was the marketing of pictures of other people… in the nude. These pictures were largely marketed as artistic model studies for aspiring artists, but that does little to explain why they sold in the tens of millions.

The Crimean war in the s and the American Civil war in the s really lit a fuse under this industry. Remember, early cinema was displayed and exhibited as a sort of carnival sideshow attraction. The first adult film was probably the 7-minute Le Coucher de la Mariee infeaturing a bathroom striptease.

But even the great George Melies was not above producing a film of his wife undressing and bathing in the film, Apres le Bal. The development of radio and television were largely immune to pornography due to their being broadcast over public airwaves and thus subject to government censorship.

But the widespread practice of staging private stag film parties, utilizing 8mm projectors and the like, went a long way toward developing the fraternity culture on colleges, as well as the fraternal order culture… male centric groups like the Elks and Rotary Club.

The history and success of the carnival corporation

Quite simply, showing pornos allowed struggling theaters to stay in business. The simultaneous rise of the peep-show booths in the s would greatly influence a completely separate new medium. But the technology developed by the peep booths was largely co-opted by the video arcades to create the video game terminals that parted teenagers from their quarters.

The most famous example of porn leading the way for technological adoption came in the late s and early s with the advent of the VCR.

Home video allowed people to consume pornography in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. VHS simply had a better marketing campaign. Developers of new technologies are cautioned not to ignore the porn audience, lest they suffer the fate of Betamax.

Porn basically played no role in the development of computing.

Porn in Ones and Zeros

There are very simple reasons for this. For one thing, for a long, long time, computers were just text. And yet we know that from the very beginning of the Internet era, pornography was synonymous with the Internet.

To what extent this was true, we will soon see, but there is no denying that porn played a major role in the popularization of the web. Several concurrent technological developments in the late s made this possible. First, VGA graphics made it possible for images, and specifically digital photographic images, to be rendered on the average personal computer screen.

Third, and finally, once computers were networked together in a meaningful way, it was possible to distribute or trade pornographic materials, either as commerce or peer-to-peer.

For the first time, pornography could disseminate outside the retail or public realm. For our purposes, the thing that makes pornography interesting as we enter the Internet era is that it became easily digitizeable content. Assuming you were patient.

But also, porn was digitizeable content people were very interested in pursuing. The Usenet newsgroup protocol was initially set up as a text-only bulletin board system. But after the introduction of 8-bit values in the ASCII text, Usenet could suddenly be used to upload and distribute binary files.

The intention was to distribute software, but pornographic images soon followed.Book a Cruise - CruiseServerCruiseServer - Search Caribbean - Search Alaska - Search Europe - TRIP Book Online: Cruise: Air: Hotel: Car.

Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise ship company, with 52% market share in early It operates a fleet of ships, serves million guests per year and. Brian McCullough has been in the Internet game since He was the founder or co-founder of the following companies:, and 1) Carnival Corporation & plc includes divisional brand Carnival Cruise Line, referred to in this report as “Carnival Cruise Line.” OUR HISTORY Although the name Carnival Corporation didn’t come into existence until , the foundation for our company was laid when our flagship brand, Carnival Cruise Line, was formed.

For a look at Carnival through the eyes of our guests, visit Away We Go. For news and press announcements, visit To contact us by phone, call CARNIVAL. Our world headquarters are located at: .

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The history and success of the carnival corporation

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